Pray With Us


Pray For The Bible Society of Zambia

We ask you, to continue praying for the work of the Bible society, The Bord, Senior Management and Members of Staff of the Bible Society of Zambia.

We also ask you to pray for

- Funding of Bible Society of Zambia
- Bible translation work
- Distribution of the Bible in Zambia

Praying For The Nation

Let Continue praying for the Nation of Zambia particularly in the following areas

- Pray for the Peace, before, during and after Elections
- Pray for the Salvation of Souls
- COVID-19 situation - protection and awareness
- Pray for the Families that have Lost their Dear ones

Pray For United Bible Society (UBS)

Let us continue to be praying for the leadership of various Bible Societies around the world that God may grant them wisdom and commitment to serve the Lord, especially in these COVID-19 Times

We also pray for partners who support Bible Societies all over the world

Pray For Bible Society of Zambia Members

We also ask you to pray for Our Members who are supporting the work of the Bible Society of Zambia, both individual members as well Church or corporate membership, that the Good Lord will continue to bless them and bring increase in their lives and ministries as they support the work of God.

Pray for the Nation of Ukraine

As Bible Society of Zambia stands with our brothers and sisters from the Bible society of Ukraine and the People of Ukraine. Let commit them in Prayers and stand with them